Insurance as a Service.
Together bigger.

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Our Services

We bring insurance companies into the digital age and free them from commodity efforts, to focus on their differentiation in the market.

Syncier Insurance

We are developing a preconfigured and highly automated insurance solution

Outstanding Software-as-a-Service Core insurance system for all lines of business, which can be integrated into existing systems (such as SAP) and be adapted to new requirements.

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Syncier Marketplace

Ecosystems for the insurance industry and its partners

The Marketplace is the platform where digital services can be procured and integrated via API into existing systems.

Syncier Cloud

Cloud native technology for regulated enterprises

Design, development and operation of open cloud native platforms that meet the needs of regulated companies.

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Syncier Experience

Human centered Services in Design and Product Development

Digital product innovation and experience using research and design methodologies. Empathy for users and their needs (UX/CX) is at the heart of our work. We create human experiences from design sprint based digital prototyping to research and strategy experience lifecycles.

Syncier Transformation

Agile and organisational transformation of enterprises

Enabling organizations in the digital transformation.

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Syncier Analytics

Customer data analytics, prediction and personalization

Unlock data silos by integrating online and offline data into a unified customer graph. Increase the Customer Experience by empowering your data teams and enabling personalized products and smarter services.